We want to be the place where your dog can be comfortable, and where you can feel comfortable leaving your dog. We also want to be the place where your dog builds good habits.
In our day care, the dogs will get lots of attention and enjoy the company of humans and other dogs around the clock. By making sure that everybody plays nice and redirecting unwanted behavior, the dogs will bond and start following each other’s examples. Dogs that are staying overnight get to sleep together and someone is staying with them to watch.
There is plenty of space in our 9,200 square foot facility, with a 1,500 square foot fenced outdoor play yard where we like to spend a lot of time, weather permitting. Dogs always play more outside where there are different sounds and smells, but in bad weather we have more than enough room to play inside.
We take sanitation seriously. Our facility is sanitized daily to keep everyone healthy make sure everything stays smelling fresh.
We do all of this because being away from home can be stressful for a dog. Our goal is to have happy and healthy dogs while they stay with us. We have separate areas for dogs of different sizes and temperaments. They play under supervision or take naps if they want to. Dogs love socializing with other dogs, and we use positive reinforcement techniques to redirect unwanted behavior for their safety.
For your convenience, we offer grooming so dogs can go home smelling fresh and looking good. We also offer transportation service, picking up your dog when you leave and bring it home when you return.



Dirk's Story

This all started because of a little pitbull pup named Kiddo.

My late wife, Susan, and I adopted a little pitbull and didn’t know much about the controversy surrounding the breed. We just wanted to train her well and show everyone that she was not a vicious dog. Someone saw how much she loved meeting people and suggested she would make a good therapy dog. We got her certified (just to prove that she was a great dog) and started doing visits to nursing homes and hospitals. We really enjoyed it and trained 6 other dogs to be therapy dogs.

Soon people started asking how we trained her so we helped them get their dogs ready for certification. Then people started asking us if we could watch their dog while they were out of town, so we could pet sit for them.

Many years later, I made this a full-time job. Whenever someone needs help with their dog, I try to find a solution. And it all started because of that little pitbull puppy. Kiddo passed away December 29th 2015 – she was 15 years old.



Our Staff

Allison Boes
Dog Handler

Since as long as she can remember, Allison has been an animal enthusiast. Growing up in a menagerie can do that to a girl.  Cats, dogs, fish and hamsters were always part of her world.  But, her family also had a bearded dragon, turtles, ducks and a variety of birds.  Allison received her certification in Small Animal Care from Penta Career Center.  The most rewarding part of her current position is training dogs, particularly rescue dogs. It is very gratifying to witness the positive relationships that can develop with a dog and a family.

Tenae Poindexter
Dog Handler

Tenae is one of those people who knew at a very early age that she wanted to pursue a career in pet care. Growing up with Midnight, her beloved black Lab/Husky mix, may have provided the spark.  While in high school, Tenae volunteered over 100 hours at The Humane Society while pursuing certification in Animal Management at Penta Career Center.  Currently, Tenae is working towards a Vet Tech (certificate/degree) at Owens Community College.


McKenna Wilson
Dog Handler

You know how some kids love the Nickelodeon channel, well, McKenna couldn’t get enough of the Animal Planet channel when she was a little girl.  At just 12 years old, McKenna started working on a horse farm where she learned to take care of and ride horses.  In high school, McKenna volunteered weekly at the Toledo Humane Society where she had the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of animals.   When not working, McKenna loves hanging out with her two dogs Buddy and Luna and her pet tortoise Freckles.

Deana Smith
Dog Handler

Unconditional love, loyalty, a sense of peace - those are the feelings that keep Deanna working with pets.  Prior to A Walk in the Park, Deanna was employed at the Toledo Humane Society for x years. Deanna is from Toledo and had the pleasure of growing up with cats and dogs.  After a long day, Deanna can always count on her dog Rockie to put a smile on her face.