Why You Should Clean Up After Your Dog

Nobody enjoys the smell of poop. It can make us nauseous and is just plain unpleasant. But when your dog goes, you must clean up, whether it’s in your own yard or out in public.

Not only can it be disrespectful to your neighbors (or anyone walking by), but leaving your dog’s business laying around can also be a health hazard.


A Hazard to Health

Dog poop can sometimes contain dangerous parasites and bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli, and campylobacteria, and can also spread parvovirus and corona virus to other dogs. Not only that, but it can also contain hookworms, tapeworms and threadworms in addition to coccidia and giardia – single celled parasites. A number of these can even be passed on to humans!


Not a Fertilizer

While some people may think that any animal’s waste can be used as manure, it’s important to note that dog poop is not a fertilizer! 

Dogs are omnivores which means that the meat in their diet won’t break down easily. Leaving out your dog’s business can quickly attract flies that will use it as a place to lay their own eggs and can also attract rats that may eat it if they’re having trouble finding food.

Dog poop can also contaminate water. When it rains, the bacteria it contains are washed into the drainage system, ending up in local waterways.


Always Pick Up After Your Pup

When we hold walks at Sidecut Park or at the farmers’ market, we always make sure that everyone cleans up after their dogs. 

Luckily, we hardly ever have to say anything, because everyone attending is responsible, but even if one dog owner doesn’t clean up, we can all suffer the consequences. 

Taking dogs out in public is a great way to socialize any pup, however, if a dog’s waste is not cleaned up, dogs can be barred from returning to the places we like to take them to. No one likes to step in poop, so do the right thing and clean it up!