Day Care at A Walk in the Park

A tired dog is a happy dog.

In our daycare, your precious pup gets lots of attention and enjoys the company of people and other dogs. By making sure that everybody plays nice, we redirect unwanted behavior. Dogs will bond and start following each other's good behavior. More than anything, though, coming to day care eliminates the boredom, loneliness, and anxiety that inevitably results from being left home alone all day.

There is plenty of space in our 9,200-square foot facility, with a 15,000-square foot fenced outdoor play yard where we like to spend a lot of time, weather permitting. Dogs always play more outside where there are different sounds and smells, but in inclement weather, we have more than enough room to play inside.

Day Care Vaccine Paperwork Requirements

In order to enroll in in day care, your pup must be up to date on its shots (including a canine influenza vaccine) and you must provide records from the vet.

All dogs that come to our ‘ranch’ for any service need to provide us with proof of vaccination: dogs need to be up to date on rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella, Canine Influenza Virus H3N2 and H3N8 and dogs must have a negative fecal exam.  All vaccines must be administered by a licensed veterinarian. We only accept dogs from Fulton, Lucas and Wood County in Ohio and Monroe County in Michigan.

You can email us a copy of those records at, or have your vet fax them to 419-754-2125. We also require a signed release and waiver form. When signing up to Gingr, you will be able to digitally sign this form.


What's daycare like?

  • Dogs are grouped by temperament and activity level and have constant supervision.

  • All dogs must be in good health, without any illness, two weeks before visiting.

  • If your dog needs lunch or medication during the day, our staff will feed owner provided food and any prescribed medication at no extra charge.

  • All dogs must have a regular collar with a plastic snap and a traditional leash.


Daycare Hours 

For your convenience, we offer extended daycare hours.

6:00 AM – 9:00 PM


*Note that day care credits can only be used for day care and not other services (such as overnight stays, grooming, or training)

Full day rate per dog
(up to 12 hours)

Single day pass: $29
3 day package: $84 ($28/day)
5 day package: $135 ($27/day)
10 day package: $250 ($25/day)

Half Day rate per dog
(up to 4 hours)

Single half-day pass: $19
3 day package: $54 ($18/day)
5 day package: $85 ($17/day)
10 day package: $150 ($15/day)

*Day care credits can only be used for day care and not other services (such as overnight stays, grooming, or training)



Apply for Daycare Services

To enroll in daycare, you will need to register your pup through an app called Gingr. Get started today!



What Our Pup Parents Have to Say


“Dirk and his team has been a great asset to our weekly routine. He is always timely and professional when caring for my bundle of fur. He has also provided valuable knowledge in training where he has helped my dog become a registered therapy dog. I highly recommend dirk and his team!”

— Allison Strong

“Dirk and his crew at A Walk in the Park are WONDERFUL! They really care about every dog. I am amazed at the difference in my Brogan. She loves spending the day with all her new friends. We highly recommend AWITP!”

— Sandra Hauter

“Dirk is phenomenal. He has known and cared for Dudley since puppyhood. He remains wonderful with Dudley who is now 13 and blind. It is a safe and fun place!"

— Ann Marie Borgess



Day Care Photo Gallery