About Our Grooming Services.

1.    Experience – Hannah Reynolds is a graduate of Penta Career Center where she learned grooming in the small animal care program.  Amanda Jeffers learned to groom while a student of the small animal care program at the Natural Science and Technology Center. 

Both Hannah and Amanda interned at A Walk in the Park under the guidance of a professional groomer. Hannah and Amanda are incredibly talented and are responsible for all the good-looking dogs that walk out of the ranch!


2.    Positive Reinforcement – The process starts from the moment our trained groomers meet your dog. Through positive reinforcement, we teach your dog to trust the groomer. Our goal is to have you AND your dog relaxed and comfortable during the visit. 


3.    No Cage Drying – Blowing hot air into cages can easily overheat dogs, is uncomfortable and extremely dangerous.  We thoroughly towel dry, and dogs enjoy an open play area. 


4.    Health – For the health of all dogs visiting our facility, all vaccines must be up to date (including canine influenza). Dogs must be without illness, two weeks before visiting. 


5.    Convenience – Schedule your dog's grooming service for the conclusion of doggy day care or an overnight visit, so your pup can come home smelling fresh and looking sharp. 



Nail Trim
$10 to $15

Dremmeling Nails
$10 to $15

Teeth Brushing

Anal Glands

Ear Cleaning

Most dogs - $15


Grooming Rates

Small: $30–$40
Medium: $35–$45
Large: $40–$50
XLarge: $50–$80

*Grooming includes:
● Nail Trim
● Bath
● Anal Glands (if requested)
● Dremmel (if requested)
● Teeth Brushing (if requested)
● Deshedding (if needed)
● Ears Cleaned

Special Shampoos
● Oatmeal
● Hypoallergenic
● Deshedding
● Deodorizing


If you have any questions, you can call:

Hannah at (419) 575-2615
Dirk at (419) 460-3062
or email: grooming@awitp.net


Apply for Grooming Services

To get your pup groomed, you will need to register your pup through an app called Gingr. Get started today!



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