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Our Philosophy

Here at A Walk In The Park, we want to offer training that is practical and science-based, so we know it works! We want to shape a well-mannered dog that will grow into a good companion.

We want you and your dog to be happy so that you have a positive and long-lasting relationship. The training services that we offer are the best way to achieve that relationship.

We offer a multi-level training class for puppies and adolescent dogs that grows with you and your puppy as soon as it is ready to start learning. We also offer individual training sessions here at the ranch as well as private in-home training as great place to start for adult dogs or dogs that have specific behavioral issues that you need help addressing.  

Our experienced trainers give helpful insight into a dog's thinking process.  We use positive reinforcement for teaching basic commands and for modifying problem behaviors.  Ongoing counseling is available to advise and address persistent challenges.

Many customers find our free Sunday dog walk events to be a great opportunity to practice good behavior.


Before booking, please make sure to review our terms of service.

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To Get Started

A Walk in the Park now offers several different types of group classes, with more to come in the future. We feel that group classes offer the most benefit for you and your dog for several reasons. The greatest benefit of training in a group setting is the opportunity for socialization. This allows your dog to experience other dogs! Dogs can (and do!) learn by observation, so seeing other dogs learning and performing can help encourage your dog to follow suit. It also gives owners the opportunity to learn from each other as everyone shares their training experiences and we work together to come up with solutions to common problems that everyone can benefit from.

Group classes can also be an opportunity to help teach your dog to focus on you first in the presence of other dogs, especially if they are over excited by them. Group classes can help your dog overcome shyness and become more comfortable around new dogs as well as people. Maybe your dog is one that seems to perform his basic obedience well at home but everything goes out the window when you are out and about. This makes sense as your home is a low-distraction environment. A group setting provides enough distraction to push your dog’s abilities past the home setting. Lastly, group classes offer the most bang for your buck. You will receive more hands-on time with an instructor at a less expensive rate than private instruction.

If you are interested in getting signed up for one of our training services, please start by creating an account with Gingr (here).

Please be aware that we will need current veterinary records faxed, dropped off at the ranch or uploaded through your Gingr account. This does include a current vaccination for canine flu. Sign up for the training service you are interested in. Make sure you fill out the training questionnaire on your dog’s Gingr profile. This will help us steer you to the right form of training

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Package Options

Puppy Playtime - $10 per class

We are very excited to extend our training services to the youngest of our clientele! We will help you get started socializing and teaching your puppy to be a wonderful companion. This class will offer you a very clear picture of what you can expect as your puppy grows. These playtime hours are going to focus on concepts that we will use to create a positive and strong foundation for social skills. We will also focus on the developmental stages of your puppy so that you can recognize those critical periods where socialization will be the most important.

At this age, your puppy has a very short attention span. He can become overstimulated easily, which can lead to frustration. Puppy Playtime keeps the initial learning process casual, to make sure training is fun. You will understand when your puppy is ready for learning and how to start teaching behaviors such as good manners, basic obedience and bite inhibition. Their capacity for complex learning is not quite there, but early on they will be able to understand cause and effect; what things cause desirable consequences and what things cause undesirable consequences. Making the most out of these critical periods will help develop proper social skills that will prepare your puppy for the next level of learning. He will learn confidence, patience and focus.

Fundamental Training Program - various pricing, see below

Our new-and-improved basic training program offers more flexibility with scheduling and learning as well as a higher value for your dollar than a traditional 6-weeks training course. Our training format is based on levels that allow the owner-dog training team to work at their own pace. This format also offers unlimited attendance to classes within the level you are working at plus any lower levels during the period your membership is active.

Number of classes available to attend per week:

  • Traditional 6-week course: 1

  • Membership-based Levels: 3 at level 1, 6 at level 2, 8+ as you reach level 3 and up

Furthermore, if you miss one week during a traditional-style course due to scheduling conflicts, vacation, unforeseen emergencies, etc. it is very difficult to schedule make-up sessions and you may miss out all together. Not only does this impede your dog’s learning, but it is also not a good value for you.

Multiple class offerings throughout the week make it so you don’t ever miss a thing!

Not all dogs learn at the same rate. Working with levels allows dogs to spend as much time as they need mastering skills before they try to move to more complicated tasks. In our experience, if a dog isn’t ready to move on to new tasks after one week in a traditional course, they typically fall behind and don’t finish their training program. A traditional course isn’t designed to set this type of dog up to succeed. Shy dogs may take a little longer to warm up to the class environment and the learning process. More confident dogs or dogs that figure out the tasks quickly will be able to advance more easily and not feel held back.

Course work: The following information includes all the course work that each training team will experience at each level.

  • Level 1: Name recognition, Sit, Down and Wait (under mild distraction)

  • Level 2: Sit and Down (under moderate distraction), Recall, and Loose Leash Walking

  • Level 3: Stay (30+ seconds), Loose Leash Walking (past other dogs), Recall (from increased distance), and Leave It

  • Level 4: Stay (increased difficulty), Recall (past increased distraction), Loose Leash (in novel locations/situations), Proofing/Generalizing work

  • Level 5: Preparation for Therapy Dog testing, for students interested in therapy training

Class requirements: In order to maintain a successful learning environment, each training team is required to attend at least two classes at each level before being approved to advance to the next level. This will provide consistency amongst our students and ensure that each dog is ready for more complicated work. Jumping ahead in the training plan may cause frustration, leading to setbacks.

What dogs are a good fit for this class? Puppies over the age of 16 weeks with all their vaccines and adults dogs that socialize well with other dogs and people will be accepted in the program.

What dogs are not a good fit for this class? Puppies under the age of 16 weeks should first prepare for this program by starting out in Puppy Playtime. Adult dogs that are fearful of social situations and demonstrate reactive barking, lunging, growling or other signs of stress around other dogs should first enroll in our Reactivity Class.

Memberships and Pricing:

Currently, memberships are available in one-month, two month, and four month passes:

  • 30-day pass: $250

  • 60-day pass: $475

  • 120-day pass: $950

Consider this time working constructively with your dog as not only a financial investment, but also an investment into your relationship. The trust you build through training creates a bond that every dog owner envisions when they decide to bring a faithful companion into their lives. We are here to facilitate that relationship building process!

Schedule: The schedule for this program changes frequently to ensure students have at least one opportunity to attend class each week. Please see our calendar of events for the monthly schedule.

NOTE: You must create a Gingr account and fill out the behavior questionnaire in order to enroll. Communication for this class uses email and Facebook. Please be sure to read through the Terms and Conditions for important policies regarding our services. After purchasing your membership, you will receive an orientation video that will walk you through what to expect from class as well as other general information regarding training and care. Please be sure to view this video before attending your first class. Lastly, we would appreciate advanced notice of your attendance. Please enroll in whatever classes you plan on attending at least 24 hours in advance so that our instructors can properly prepare.


Leash Walking Clinic - $100

This one day clinic will help participants gain an understanding of how to deal with issues they may be experiencing while walking their dog. These issues may include inattention, pulling or barking. We will show how to teach the dog by approximating the training and creating a positive association with the experience. Participants will learn to recognize triggers that cause their dog to pull and bark and through application of these training methods, dogs will no longer be triggered by them because they learn that there is more value in placing their attention on their owner than on those triggers.

Clinics are scheduled for the following dates: Saturday September 21st from 11:30am till 1:30pm and October 12th from 11:30am till 1:

Reactivity Class - $275, maximum 4 dogs per session

This class is designed for dogs that are people-friendly but have struggled socializing appropriately with other dogs. These dogs exhibit barking, growling or lunging when they see other dogs. If your dog reacts with higher-than-normal intensity, becomes stressed, uncomfortable or has difficulty staying calm in the presence of other dogs, this class is designed for you.

Our Reactivity Class follows a traditional-style, 6-week format in order to offer the most consistency for your dog, as reactive dogs become overstimulated very easily. A constant changing environment will cause them to always be on alert for new threats and distracted from their training. We keep the class size small in order to offer as much individual attention as possible. Each owner-dog training team is offered their own training space with visual barriers to decrease reactions and help develop focus. We use positive-only methods to counter-condition these reactions so that the dogs go from experiencing fearful, negative emotions to experiencing confidence and positive emotions in response to seeing their triggers. We understand the difficulty and frustration in living with a reactive dog. It can lead to a very poor quality of life for the entire family. We are dedicated to helping you find a solution through management and Behavior Adjustment Training. You must be dedicated to your dog to help him through this process.

The first class is held WITHOUT dogs in order to answer questions, discuss protocol and class structure, and demonstrate techniques to be used at home for management purposes. It is important to understand that this class will not focus on teaching your dog basic obedience or other training tasks. We will be focusing on teaching your dog how to self-interrupt and default to a calm mindset, slowly working toward eliminating those strong, fear-based reactions to other dogs.

Dogs That Do Not Fit into Reactivity Class:

  • Dogs that have done serious damage to another dog such as severe injury or hospitalization

  • Dogs who display reactivity or aggression towards people

  • Dogs who bite their owners when they try to redirect them or prevent them from reacting to another dog

If any or all of the above bullets describe your dog, we will work with you to find a behaviorist that specializes in aggression.

Schedule: Reactivity Class is a 6-week course, plus an additional week prior to classes starting for the orientation. All classes in a single session will run on the same night of the week, at the same time for consistency purposes. Please see our calendar of events for the schedule of our current session.

NOTE: You must create a Gingr account and fill out the behavior questionnaire to enroll. For reactive dogs, the Reactivity Class is a prerequisite to the Fundamental Training Program. You will be required to complete all 6 weeks of the Reactivity Class to be eligible for enrollment in the Fundamental Training Program. Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions for important policies regarding our services.

Target Training Clinic - $130

Target training is a beneficial way to train your dog for several reasons. It can give you a foundation for communication for further training as it sets up a model that your training sessions will follow. This training model becomes its own form of communication between you and your dog. Basic targeting is a simple action that your dog can easily achieve so it can help an unmotivated dog experience success and motivate him to continue. Similarly, it can help a shy dog build confidence and draw him out of his shell. Target training can help develop better communication between all family members and can also train many other behaviors in the future. As with all positive training, it can help build a strong relationship between you and your dog. Even if you have a fearful dog, target training can help because it offers less direct contact that you can develop slowly over time.

This one day clinic will be held on the following dates: Saturday September 21st from 2pm till 4pm and October 12th from 2pm till 4pm.

Private Lessons

Please contact us if you are in need of private instruction. We offer private training on a limited, case by case basis. We will help you determine what your dog’s needs are and which of our services will best meet those needs.

Puppy Daycare Package - $200

5 days of daycare (to be scheduled within a 14 day period) each with ½ of onsite basic training. This can help you when you are already training basic obedience and want to keep conditioning good habits in your pup. We will practice the basic obedience cues through short, fun sessions spread out during your pups stay. This service is for puppies 12 weeks till 6 months only.


Grooming Readiness Package for Puppies - $100-$150
(price based on size of dog)

Grooming can be a stressful experience if it isn’t approached properly. We want your puppy to enjoy coming here for grooming! Our grooming practices focus on positive experiences so that your puppy has a more enjoyable experience and therefore, a high-quality groom. This package offers 4 visits in which we start with an easy service and add services each visit until your puppy is ready for a full groom. Dog sizes: under 15 lbs -$100, 15-35lbs - $120, 35-55lbs - $130, 55+lbs - $150

  • 1st visit: Brush-out

  • 2nd visit: Brush-out + Bath

  • 3rd visit: Brush-out + Bath + Nail trim

  • 4th visit: Brush-out + Bath + Nail trim + Coat Clip



Puppy Playtime: $10 per class Weekly 45 minute sessions

Fundamental Training Program 30-day pass: $250 60-day pass: $475 120-day pass: $950

Individual Training – $100
Per 45-minute session. Number of sessions depends on the training plan that’s best suited for to address your issues.

At-Home Training – $125
Per 45-minute session. Number of sessions depends on the training plan that’s best suited to address your issues.

Puppy Daycare package - $200
5 days of daycare plus ½ hour of training each day

Grooming Readiness Package for Puppies - $100-$150
4 grooming visits designed to help your puppy prepare for regular grooming services.

Dog sizes:

  • Under 15lbs - $100

  • 15-35lbs - $120

  • 35-55lbs - $130

  • 55+lbs - $150

Apply for Training Services

To enroll for training, you will need to register your pup through an app called Gingr. Get started today!

What Our Pup Parents Have to Say

Dirk provided invaluable training...

"Lucky for us we met Dirk 10 years ago when our Henry was just a puppy. Dirk provided invaluable training for our family AND our dog. Dirk has been extremely reliable and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!"

— Peggy Herman


Dirk has made such a difference...

“Dirk has made such a difference in Loki. People are amazed with the difference in his behavior. He loves going there and we love that he plays all day and isn't in a kennel at night. We would highly recommend AWITP!”

— Jen Carpenter